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Why SAP Business One is the perfect solution for Manufacturing Industry?

Managing a manufacturing unit is tedious in the absence of a proper system. To run a successful manufacturing unit, you need to know your business inside-out. An ERP Solution helps you plan & strategise your resources. Moreover, it aids in making an informed decision and provides you with tools to run your daily operations successfully. SAP Business One Solution for the manufacturing industry has been designed for small and medium-scale manufacturing companies.

Native features like real-time information, Sales Forecast, Material requirement Planning (MRP), Production and Resource management, shipping and logistics management, inventory management, and material resource planning make it easy to run a manufacturing unit.

Moreover, the SAP Business One solution can be integrated with other applications and view all your information in one place.

Common Challenges In Manufacturing Industry

Let us look at some struggles manufacturing companies face in their day-to-day operations. 

  1. Re-doing of Daily Activities 
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Document Management
  4. Sales Forecasting
  5. Production Planning 
  6. Manual tracking via Excel or Spreadsheets
  7. Inefficient accounting software
  8. Manual data entry of orders into legacy systems causing errors

SAP Business One ERP is the perfect solution to overcome these challenges.

Key Features of SAP Business One Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

Warehouse Management: 

Managing a single warehouse or multiple warehouses with Bin management, SAP Business One provides seamless communication among all departments connected to the solution.

Material Resource Planning:

Manage materials of various types, such as stock production and assigning machines to Production including cost management of resources.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling:

SAP business one solution can help you manage billing, batch groups, order & transaction periods, material capacity & availability with allocations under one solution.

Sales Management:

Using SAP Business One solution, companies reduce woos of managing estimates, sales orders and their management. It also provides an automated transaction feature, thus saving time and resources.

Quality Check Controls:

Worried about quality checks for your purchase materials? With SAP Business One Solution you can run quality checks during the procurement of materials as well as during the production as well.

With a host of features by SAP Business One solution for manufacturing industries, let us see how a manufacturing unit can take benefits and increase productivity in due course of time. 

SAP Business One Benefits for Manufacturing Industry

Improved Material Requirement Planning:

Manufacturing Departments like purchase and production planners can easily manage and schedule materials as per requirements. Teams can automate procurement and purchase orders so that the unit never falls short of goods when required.

Enhanced Lot Traceability

Optimize inventory to ensure items are rotated and remain at a recommended amount. SAP Business One comes with a product expiration feature allowing manufacturing units to track the source of the products and components.

Robust Dashboards:

Create custom dashboards giving you a bird’s-eye view of your company’s progress. These dashboards enable you to make data-driven decisions to bring in more profit for your manufacturing unit.

Top Notch Inventory Management:

Inventory Management is a crucial aspect of manufacturing units. With bin location tracking, manufacturing units can quickly adapt to stock changes, document stock levels, track them, and make price lists & agreements. Also, warehouse transfers can be done efficiently using SAP Business One Solution.

Exception Customer Experience

SAP business one allows you to run flexible queries, and fetch orders, and invoices by diving deep into your data and obtaining insightful information about your customers. All this information can aid in providing enhanced customer service. 

With SAP Business One Solution, manufacturing units can reduce back work jobs and boost productivity with limited manual intervention.

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