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Top 5 Manufacturing Add-Ons for SAP Business One

SAP Business One Manufacturing Add-on

An organisation opts for an ERP solution, their primary concern is customization. Customizations in ERP are known to be a costly affair. To mitigate this concern, SAP Business One Solution comes with a feature known as Add On’s.

What are SAP add-ons?

SAP Add-ons focus on extending the functionality of the solution. Add-Ons can be industry specific. Using Add Ons, organizations can extend without modifying the core platform. Moreover, they are easy to install SAP Add-On Installation Tool. It follows plug-and-play architecture.

In this article, we will cover add-ons which aid the manufacturing industry.

5 Major Add On’s you require for your manufacturing industry

E-Invoice Add-on

  • E-Invoicing Add-On facilitates organizations to create E-Invoices following GST Compliances
  • It reduces manual entry and errors. It is a step towards a paperless process and saves valuable time
  • You get simplified invoice tracking & aids in fraud prevention
  • Seamless integration with existing SAP system

Quality Control

  • Quality Control (QC) is a crucial aspect of a manufacturing setup.
  • It maps quality processes in a manufacturing setup.
  • Quality checks on multiple parameters for various scenarios can be evaluated.
  • The add-on facilitates quality checks based on qualitative and quantitative parameters for multiple sample sizes or individual items.

Sub-Contracting Add On 

The sub-contracting add-on allows organizations to create and manage sub-contracting transactions. The Add-On will help you make a sub-contracting purchase order and sub-contracting for the Bill of Materials. It also allows you to manage challan-wise reconciliation when receiving material, which helps automate the production process.

Moreover, it provides reports like vendor-wise stock visibility, ITC04 Reports Job Work to Mfg. and Mfg. to Job Work.

Auto Email

  • Auto Email Add-on is very simple to configure. A person with a non-technical background can easily configure it following the step-by-step wizard
  • The auto email add-on can send emails for transactions, reports, and tasks completed
  • The best part of the add-on is it can be configured at your convenience

Digital Signatures

  • Digital Signature is the mathematical way of validating the originality of the message, documents etc.
  • It helps in eradicating issues like impersonation
  • With digitization growing, digital signatures help you to move towards the digital era by sending digitally signed documents
  • One can easily affix their digital signatures on documents, invoices etc and send them to clients
  • Digital Signatures are widely accepted in the United States, Brazil, India, Japan etc.

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