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As a 37 year old organization, Akshay Software Technologies Private Limited has 200+ professionals on its payroll and has built up healthy reserves, which lend solidity to the organization. With its energy and dynamism, our young sales team is geared to respond to customer requirements with minimum turn-around-time. This has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction, long-term relationships spanning more than ten years and repeat orders.

SAP Solutions

SAP Business One is an ERP designed and developed specifically for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. It is an affordable, easy-to-implement, complete business management solution that ensures company growth, helps increase profitability and control, reduces costs by increasing automation of your business process.

akshay staffing solution

Staffing & Recruiting Solutions

Building future-ready organizations is the goal of every HR Head. Akshay, with over 200 man-years of recruitment experience across multiple domains and technologies in UAE and India, partners with its clients in the achievement of this goal by facilitating the acquisition of appropriate talent in a timely manner…

Our Products & Services

SAP Add-Ons

We specialize in building SAP Business One Add On’s in several industry verticals including manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and much more.

Payroll Management

Outsource your payroll management to us and we will take care of it. Payroll ERP’s can become expensive and cumbersome, so just leave it to us to handle it for you.

CRM Software

Leverage our proprietary Customer Relationship Management System to serve your customers better on day-to-day basis for better customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Akshay Software?

Quality Deliverables on Time

We have always been transparent to our clients and follow fair business practices. We believe that client should be involved in all the stages of the solutions being developed. Akshay Software Technologies Private Limited always adhere to deadlines and does not compromise on quality while delivering solutions to our clients. We have till date never missed on single deadline.

Long-Standing Relationships

Our core values rely on building long-standing relationships with our clients through trust and consistency in delivering the best we can. This is why we have been leading in our specialized domains for several decades.

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Experience, Experience, Experience

Akshay Software Technologies has been serving customers for 37 years in multiple industries and domains. We are not only veterans but also leaders in our respective areas of services. Our decades of experience is our most fundamental strength which has kept us strong, reliable and trustworthy. 

Customer Success

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