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E-invoicing Solution in SAP Business One

Create E-Invoices as per GST Compliances in SAP Business One.

Benefits of E-Invoicing Solution

No Manual Entry

Reduce Errors

Cost Effective

Paperless Process

Time Saving

Simplified Tracking

Enhanced Compliance

Fraud Prevention

Key Features of E-Invoicing Solution

Bridging the Gap

Akshay’s E-Invoicing Solution is a perfect way to create E-invoices for your business with respect to the latest GST Compliance. Our add-on seamlessly integrates with your existing SAP system and makes your accounting life easy.

Our tool seamlessly integrates with your existing system and makes your accounting life easy.

Go Digital

With digital transformation being the norm of the 21st century, it is time to switch to E-Invoicing and manage records digitally with Zero hassle with our E-invoicing Solution.

Why choose E-Invoicing in SAP Business One?

Regardless of any industry, we all try to follow a set standard when it comes to invoicing. But there are certain aspects that require individual adjustments for a systematic exchange. Here is where E-invoicing in SAP Business One helps. Individual Adjustments can be done easily.

Create Invoices Anytime Anywhere

With our E-Invoicing Solution, you can create your invoices from home, office or even from a mobile. You just require an Internet Connection and you are all set to go.

FAQ's of E-Invoicing

  1. The person generating an e-invoice should be registered on the GST portal and e-invoice or e-way bill portal.
  2. There should be a valid document to report, such as an invoice, debit note, or credit note available with him.
  3. If the taxpayer is generating e-invoices in bulk, then he should have a valid JSON file as per the e-invoice schema, or should have integrated his ERP system with APIs. 

No, the e-invoice system checks in the Central Registry of the GST system to ensure that the same invoice from the same supplier belonging to the same financial year is not being uploaded again for generating more than one IRN. The IRP will reject such invoices. 

No, once an IRN is cancelled, the same invoice number cannot be used again to generate another invoice. If used again, the IRP will reject the same

Benefits of E-Way Bill Add-on

The e-way Bill, is a document generated online under the GST system. This is mandatory when the value of the goods is more than Rs 50,000 are shipped between the states or within the state. e-Way bill is should be raised with details of good, recipient and consignor before the goods are shipped .

Review the details and submit

Less Documentation

Traders need not visit tax office.

Easy and quick generation of e-way bill

Smooth tax administration and process simplification

Improved and helps to reforms the transport industry.

FAQ's of E-Way Bill

  • Every registered person who causes movement of goods of consignment value exceeding fifty thousand rupees—
  • in relation to a supply; or
  • for reasons other than supply; or
  • due to inward supply from an unregistered person

The registered person or the transporter at their option can generate an E-way bill. As per the Act, it is not required.

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