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SAP B1 Add On's

Looking to learn about our SAP B1 Add On’s? We have already created specialized add on’s for manufacturing, chemical, textile and many other industries. We are looking forward to helping you address your pain points as well.

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Our SAP B1 Add On List

E-Invoicing Add-On

Akshay’s E-Invoicing Solution is a perfect way to create E-invoices for your business w.r.t latest GST Compliance.
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Subcontracting Add-On

Manage job work process for supplier & customer. An end to end supplier & customer work flow is maintained with this addon.

Quality Control

Provides the functionality to ensure the quality of the product with the help of visual & dimensional parameters.

What's app & SAP B1

What's App integration with SAP Business One

Now as we know WhatsApp is so powerful just imagine the power it brings when it is integrated with SAP Business One. Now it is easy to share invoices, credit and debit notes, purchase order, payment advises etc. in PDF format with your vendors and customers over WhatsApp through SAP Business One directly. You can further send birthday images and messages directly from SAP Business One and notify them of any important information

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications with millions of users worldwide, and with SAP Business One integration, it’s even better. Not only will you be able to keep your customers informed via WhatsApp, but also you will be able to send pdfs and attachments to your accounts instantly. This add-on is a boon for all busy professionals.

Browser Based Add On for SAP B1

Bringing Browser Based Access to empower clients

It has been four years since SAP announced Browser Access for SAP Business One. It was their answer to your expectation on having a web experience added to your favorite Enterprise Resource Planning software. During these four years many changes have taken place in the market; from a business, user experience and technology perspective. Due to these changes, we are currently reviewing our product and portfolio strategy and are evaluating the possibility to stop further investments into the Browser Access as of SAP Business One version 10. This would allow us to focus our efforts on key areas to help move SAP Business One even closer to the cloud experience than ever

Version 10 : Bridging the Gap

With version 10 we intend to provide a new native web client, based on SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 technologies. This will allow you to manage customers, items as well activities around sales ordering processes directly from the web. Understanding the business side and cost structure for providing cloud services SAP have already delivered enhancements to improve management experience of SAP Business One. From the recently delivered items let SAP just highlight improved extension management, import and export of SAP HANA schemas or integration of Microsoft User Principal Name, which allows e-mail-based authentication into SAP Business One Cloud hosted installations.

SAP B1 Add on for Mobile

Access Anywhere any time

Run your business from any location, at any time with the mobile app for SAP Business One. Using an iPhone or Android phone, your users can access the relevant SAP Business One data to streamline sales, handle service tickets, manage customers and contacts, view reports and much more.

Increased productivity

SAP Business One can help your small/midsize business to be more productive and save time. There are 3 mobile apps that support SAP Business One :-
I) SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android
II) SAP Business One Sales App
III) SAP Business One Service App

No Extra Cost

There is no additional charge for the mobile app if the user already has an SAP Business One license. Also available is a special mobile application license, which grants a user access to the mobile-only app.

Next Generation Add On

Approval process & Alerts of SAP are integrated with what’s app to approval of any document generated in SAP like purchase order, sales order etc. You can Approve any document from any location easily and same receive the Alerts as per define in the system anywhere.

In future, it is very useful and best way for message exchange 

Planned Developments in 2021

New developments for 2021 feature around analytics and a focus to leverage the full potential of SAP HANA. Improvements are also planned to further streamline business scenarios; on the official service mobile app; and to adhere to new local legal and security compliance measures.

Following feedback from users and SAP partners at the SMB Innovation Summit held in Majorca in 2020, there are also planned enhancements for the popular web client released in SAP Business One Version 10. New features for sales, CRM and purchasing are aimed to improve the user experience when accessing the browser tool.

New Artificial Intelligent (AI) tools will also be added to SAP Business One to simplify and streamline document management. The AI tools are part of SAP’s commitment to integrate exciting intelligent technologies into SAP Business One. SAP will also leverage functionality based around the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and machine learning, voice and intelligent assistants and social media to help organizations evolve into the Intelligent Enterprise.

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