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SAP Business One on HANA vs SAP B1 SQL Comparison

It’s more than half a decade since SAP B1 Hana came into existence & there has always been a debate about which version is better, SAP Business One on HANA or SAP Business One on SQL.

Here are some key points of comparison between SAP B1 on Hana and SAP B1 SQL.

SAP Business One on HANA vs MS SQL – Fundamental Difference

The traditional SAP Business One runs on Microsoft SQL Server, a disk storage technology, whereas HANA employs HANA Database working on In-Memory technology. HANA Database loads data in the memory and does not include any physical moving parts to fetch the data. This fundamental difference gives HANA leverage over MS SQL to serve applications requiring higher processing power.


SAP HANA is more than a decade old and is as stable as MS SQL. Previously, SAP HANA was preferred for high-end applications. Later, integration with SAP Business One Applications came into effect and now is used by more than 15K customers worldwide.


The license fees for HANA are competitive compared to MS SQL Database. When it comes to implementing SAP B1 HANA on an on-premise model does cost more. Also, the MS SQL enterprise package is expensive compared to the SAP HANA Cloud version.

Server Configuration 

A “Certified by SAP” configuration is required to run HANA efficiently. 

Cloud Hosting

SAP Business One on HANA is available on Cloud and runs on subscriptions following the SAAS Model

Better Business Intelligence and Analytics

SAP business one uses in-memory data storage and tools like Crystal Reports, SAP Lumina can directly access data for processing. Using these data points, employees can perform real-time analytics and provide insightful information for the organization.

Exclusive functionalities available in SAP Business One HANA

  • Improved, Advanced & Additional Analytical Tool: SAP Business One running on HANA provides organizations with Pervasive Analytics, Interactive Analysis and Analytical Portal. Apart from advanced tools, one can export reports to excel and obtain sales recommendations.
  • Supplementary Integration Options: ODATA and Service Layer allows you to build web technologies. 
  • Extra Functionality: SAP Business One on HANA comes with Delivery Schedule Management, Intelligent Forecasting like inventory management, cash flow forecasting etc.
  • Intuitive Fiori Style Cockpit User Interface built on HTML
  • Enterprise Features such as in-memory technology, real-time data modelling and enterprise search
  • SAP Business One Native Mobile App for Service Teams
  • SAP Business One Native Mobile App for Sales
  • Chatbot with ML functionalities to be launched
  • Flexible Platform: SAP Business One on HANA provides a robust App framework for developments. It also comes with Service and Semantic Layer.

Finally, which database technology an organization should adopt. It all depends on business complexity, nature of business & the amount of data to be processed for analytical and decision-making purposes.

Still confused, connect with us to evaluate what suits better for your organization.

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