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Supercharge your Revenues with SAP Business One

SAP Business One, designed for SMEs, aids in streamlining overall business management. It comes with top-notch planning and management facilities available in the form of an application that employees can access from anywhere. 

How does SAP Business One make your work simpler?

1. Sales and After-sales Service

SAP Business One makes it possible to make data-driven decisions with the help of sales analysis and key sales reports, highlighting performances and metrics, which are provided on-demand. It allows the viewing of current sales trends and the best sellers in the industry. Moreover, the sales teams can also check their potential sales against the current order value, helping with pipelining by following the industry’s existing trends.

The CRM functions of SAP Business One make customer support straightforward and efficient. It enables the resolutions of customer issues to be faster, ensuring that the customer is happy with the speed and quality of the resolution.

  • Managing and editing sales quotations
  • Updation and approval of pending documents and orders
  • Sort and save documents by date/order quantity etc.

2. Customer Management and Data

SAP Business One makes accessing customer data simple. The data sets are stored centrally, which gives a comprehensive understanding of customers’ preferences and requirements. In addition, customer ratings are shown based on the purchase value. These reports can help gain a nuanced understanding of the customer and the market, helping the sales team prepare for any changes or promotions.

SAP Business One makes it possible to manage new and seasoned customer accounts based on order value or dates. Additionally, the business can manage larger customer accounts by attaching important, pertinent documents to the reports. 

3. Real-time inventory analysis

SMEs can centrally manage their stocks across various warehouses using SAP Business One. Additionally, all the data is stored with the respective pricing by quantity and reorder dates. This significantly reduces out-of-stock issues. 

Real-time analysis of the inventory simplifies scaling up or down based on market demand. With real-time inventory reports, the management and the factory floor are made aware of the inventory in hand. This makes restocking rapid and straightforward. SAP Business One provides easy search options of stock and assigned price lists for the products making business operations smoother. 

4. Orders and logistics

SAP Business One allows order details to be verified, making it possible to address any changes in the process. With end-to-end visibility, the current status of orders (packed or shipped) can be accessed by both the management and the employees.

SAP Business One also allows for an easy-flowing post-sales process setup. The easy search option provides centralized access to all order-related queries such as the order date, quantity purchased, current status, change or cancellation, and delivery instructions. This makes it easy to manage orders.

5. Reports and data analytics

Access to real-time data reports helps SMEs make data-driven decisions. SAP Business One provides data reports that offer unique insights into the current business status. These reports can be downloaded by the concerned person and saved for offline viewing.

As mentioned previously, data reports are provided for customer information. These include inventory from different locations, multiple product types, sales analysis and market trends, trends to promote current and future sales pipelines, customer satisfaction, and query resolution reports. These ensure an effortless understanding of the performance and help maintain clear metrics for all the facets of operations. 

6. Campaign and promotions management

An essential component of the business is product promotion and campaigns. SAP Business One helps companies set up promotional emails, discount offers, and timed newsletters.

The system allows updates on promotions and campaigns to be easily tracked. The marketing department can set the frequency of the updates and the target audience according to preference. The company can also apply these features to potential customers acquired through leads and the current base for new products. 

SAP Business One 

SAP Business One is built for maintaining relevance in the digital landscape. As a robust, all-in-one ERP, SAP Business One significantly reduces overheads while enabling real-time business forecasts through intelligent ERP technology.

SAP Business One provides an easy setup for SMEs. It allows for smooth-flowing operations that can be traced and changed as needed. Its multiple, differential access options allow separate people and departments to track ongoing activities along with its historical activities and outputs, and future trends. This provides a healthy combination of CRM and ERP, allowing the business to flourish in the current dynamic industry setup. 

Akshay Software Technologies Limited

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