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SAP Business One for the Hospitality Industry: Major Talking Points

In the past few years, hospitality operations have become increasingly sophisticated. Hotel properties – often spread over several geographies – has made it tougher to manage revenues, bookings, inventory, customer services, and much more. 

Consequently, the hospitality industry has witnessed an uptick in technology adoption. This, however, is not without its challenges. 

Most hotels buy separate software for individual hotel operations, such as accounts receivable, HR, front office, CRM, and payroll. Integrating multiple third-party solutions into a single extensive Property Management System (PMS) is cumbersome and usually error-prone as information moves between departments. 

Moreover, the entire procedure is labor-intensive and requires managers to interact with different vendors for different solutions adding to the problems.

Introducing SAP Business One for the Hospitality Industry 

In recent times, the hospitality industry has been making its foray into the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). An ERP allows data to be entered at a single point and accessed across departments, improving the flow of information and reducing operational costs in the process.

SAP Business One for Hotels is the first ERP particularly designed for the hospitality industry that brings together everything – reservations, events, office procurement, food and beverage (F&B), laundry, point of sale, finance and accounting, HR, and customer relations management – under a unified platform.

SAP Business One for the Hospitality Industry: Features

SAP Business One for the hospitality industry is a robust, evolved, and highly user-friendly management tool that tracks your entire hotel business. Let’s take a look.

1. SAP Business One for Sales and Booking

  • Seamless integration with other systems to liaise with bookings of tour and travel agencies.
  • Managing Rate Parity in case of a multi-channel format.
  • Centralized company booking across multiple properties from a single reservation screen.

2. SAP Business One for Front and Back Office Management

  • User-friendly front office console for individual and group check in and check out, billings, room availability, room changes, and event booking.
  • Attendance list and HR shift management.
  • Management of company, guests, and agency master data, record of open accounts, credit notes, fixed and percentage-based commissions, package management, etc.

3. SAP Business One for Kitchen Management

  • Management of both preparation and central kitchens.
  • Record keeping of recipes and pre-cooked products, costing per recipe, actual and planned consumption, nutritional and allergens analyses, etc.

4. SAP Business One for Spa, Meetings, and Banqueting

  • Connection with the front office for hassle-free booking of spa packages and management of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.
  • Management of activities related to events and meetings – banqueting, drawing up of quotations, internal orders, etc.

5. SAP Business One for Accounting and Controlling

  • Streamline accounting activities, including general accounting, budgeting, maintenance and updation of chart of accounts, and much more.
  • Define profit centers and relations with the charts of accounts in line with the Uniform System paradigm of Accounting for Hotels (USAH).
  • Generate P&L reports for different cost centers.

6. SAP Business One for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Manage leads, pipelines, contacts, contact history, and sales deadlines.
  • Manage activities for actual and prospective guests.
  • Track and record customer tastes and preferences for better service.

7. SAP Business One for Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Record and maintain lists of employees, departments, and roles.
  • Manage all correspondence (appointment letters, memos, etc.) with employees under the same portal.
  • Complete tracking and management of cleaning and maintenance services (for example, housekeeping).
  • Shift and attendance management

8. Integrated Reporting

  • Powerful report generation without the need for technical know-how on data query languages.
  • Create/modify reports with customized formats and layouts.

Benefits of SAP Business One for the Hospitality Industry

1. Delight customers

Anyone running a motel, hotel, hotel chain, or any other service in the hospitality industry is aware that customer experience is paramount. SAP Business One makes it easier to delight customers with efficient management of hotel operations by tracking guests’ tastes and preferences and offering them a personalized stay experience.

Moreover, the hotel management can improve customer loyalty and increase bookings by offering targeted discounts and deals.

2. Reduce errors

In today’s highly digitized business landscape, some customers prefer to call up the hotel and reserve rooms, while others prefer online booking.

SAP Business One helps manage reservations by aligning the real-time availability of rooms and other services across the hotel’s website and front desk, track current occupancy rates, and predict future occupancy.

This eliminates the risk of human error and improves performance.

3. Increase efficiency with a centralized management system

SAP Business One makes delegating and managing work easier – from delivering luggage and meals to handling customer grievances, to cleaning rooms and managing wake-up calls – every minute task adds up to a good or bad customer experience.

SAP Business One helps users streamline operations and ensures your staff is aware of what has and hasn’t been done with handy access to data, alerts, and workflows.

4. Reduce operational costs

Unlike the traditional PMS, SAP Business One requires investment in a single software license and a single server to run applications. Additionally, it does away with the need to hire IT personnel to upgrade, manage, and provide after-sale support.

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Moreover, by providing a single-window view into operations and performance, SAP Business One makes it easier to identify and remediate potential issues before they start costing the business revenue and customers.

How can we help?

Founded in 1987 and based out of Mumbai, India, Akshay Software is an SAP Silver Partner helping clients deploy SAP Business One while ensuring cost efficiency, time-saving, and improved processes implementation.

With more than 34+ years of experience serving industries like textile, hospitality, manufacturing, and marketing, we are committed to empowering businesses to leverage the opportunities of the future.

Our SAP Business One services include – 

  • Migration to SAP B1 or integration with SAP B1
  • On-site hand-holding and online support
  • A robust business process-oriented methodology
  • Configuration, customization, implementation, and support
  • Massive portfolio of ready-made add-ons, dashboards, and reports

To know more about how SAP Business One can help your hospitality business, please feel free to contact us and schedule a demo.

Want to learn more about our SAP Solution. Drop a query and our team will get back to you.

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