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SAP Business One for Chemical Industry

Client – 100-Year-old chemical manufacturer based in Mumbai zeroed down their search for ERP with Akshay’s SAP Business One for Chemical Industry Solution.

Need for ERP

Why SAP Business One?

  • Faster, Smarter & Efficient – It allows users to spend more time on the business than struggling with software
  • Real-time data across the departments with one stroke of a button
  • Management gets a realistic view of the business and sales teams can see at a glance what stock is available to sell
  • Total control of finances
  • Purchasing with Inventory controls – Optimized buying and purchasing to increase margins
  • Inbuilt CRM – Helps you create a loyal customer base
  • Business Intelligence – See your business clearly with business intelligence, analytics and reporting

Business benefits

  • Branch Add for Branch wise accounting & reports
  • Implementation at Multiple locations
  • Maintain current internal reporting formatting across your business
  • Gain insight into existing customer trends and engage them in valuable ways
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations
  • Track and record stock movements
  • Create, manage, and distribute reports that help foster clarity in business
  • Centralized information makes it easier to manage customer communication and
    sales contracts
  • Quickly manage budget creation, allocation, and distribution
  • Eliminate data redundancy and errors
  • Provide budget tracking, reporting, and alerts
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