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Company Activity: Electromechanical Components Company


  • Unavailability of real time data
  • Lack of system control on key processes
  • No Coordination amongst various functional departments
  • Inaccurate inventory data
  • No Control on processes
  • Manual report generation


  • Inventory Management
  • Production Routing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Resource Mapping & Costing
  • Resource Capacity Management
  • Forecasting Material Requirement Planning
  • Business process assessment consulting
  • Product fitment analysis & recommendation


  • Inventory Management
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Bill of Material
  • Work in Progress
  • Job Work
  • Resource Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Sales and Purchase Operations
  • Operations Control and Management
  • Quality Control
  • Serial Auto Generation for Item Master
  • Project Management
  • Item Wise QC


  • Manages compliance with industry, quality, and regulatory standards and helps to reduces
  • Effective time and resource management tools
  • Access to real-time information
  • Optimize inventory costs with smarter resource allocation and planning
  • Visibility to project specific controls
  • Reduce costs and increase the scale of your business operations
  • Control project costs with efficient tools
  • Improve cash flow and financial management
  • Accurate and better job costing
  • Retain the right talent in response to customer requirements
  • Quick response to service calls or complaints which improves problem-solving capabilities


  • Project-based billing
  • Project Accounting
  • Project wise Documentation
  • Auto linking of Documents with the projects
  • Project wise trial balance
  • Project wise profit & Loss
  • Proactively grow your business by streamlining operations instead of reacting to the details of day-to-day tasks
  • Respond quickly to customer needs by instantly accessing the information needed to make confident business decisions
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and errors with a single, integrated solution that improves process efficiency, minimizes costs and delays, and strengthens your bottom line
  • Form closer customer relationships by gaining access to centralized information that makes it easier to manage customer communication
  • Choose the deployment option (in-house or cloud) and platform (SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL Server) that best meets your needs
  • Lower technology costs and speed time to value with a solution that can be implemented more quickly, maintained more easily, and learned with minimal training
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