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Top 5 reasons to centralize your business data with SAP Business One ERP

Top 5 reasons to centralize your business data with SAP

SAP Business One ERP is a fully integrated solution, delineated to manage business areas such as financials, operations, sales, inventory and customer relationship management (CRM). It is also one of the world’s leading ERP solutions which have invasively grown. ‘SAP Business One ERP’ is an eminent name that represents ERP software markets for SMEs & large enterprises. Not only this but it’s a comprehensive solution that meets the immediate and long-term needs of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Proper centralization of your business data with SAP Business can help to escalate Business performance and in better Reporting. The main objective of this concept is that it gives you the ability to analyze your business effectiveness, workflows, literally everything about your company. Having access to accurate and organized data can lead to run the business smoothly with proper management and less human error. Here are the prominent reasons to centralize your business data with SAP Business One ERP.

1. Improved data integrity- In the industry, data is never consistent and therefore extracted, amalgamated and presented as a unified form. Data integration supports the analytical processing of large data sets by aligning, combining and presenting each data set from organizational departments and the external remote sources. With improved data integrity of SAP business one ERP, it means the data can easily be rectified with business relations, rules, definitions, lineage, and dates.

2. Reduction of duplication- Employees usually have to put data into discordant systems, resulting in more human errors & less useful information. Once the data entered into an SAP business one system, there is no need to reenter it perpetually. It can easily be accessed through multiple locations. Employees have to enter their information only once and that data would automatically access by others with encrypted protocols. No time is wasted trying to clean up inaccuracies.

3. Accuracy intensifies business decisions- Having access to accurate and systematic data, gives management the authority to take smart & accurate business decisions. SAP Business One becomes a platform where you can do the complete health checkup of your organization. Business Owner gets to see a dashboard with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and can make informed, accurate and timely business decisions. It also authorizes your employees to quickly respond to queries from customers in order to make business-related decisions at their level.

4. Improved Customer Management- With the use of SAP business one, you are in a better position to respond to your customers in real-time. By using SAP Business One, users have quicker access to customer records, historical data & sales orders. It is useful when a customer makes contact & therefore customer issues & complaints can be tracked & dealt with effectively. Improved Customer Service response, faster turnaround time, prompt services, etc. will help to win your customers over and result in more sales, which means more revenue and higher profit.

5. Simpler Data Maintenance- Data is maintained in real time with full control on inventory data, item movement, sales, shipment tracking, order fulfillment, invoices, payment, accounting etc. SAP Business One Data Management:

  • Easily visible and editable pricing, costs, and margins for products purchased.

  • Reducing business risk by increasing the precision of business data

  • Strengthen acquiescence with compatible, upgraded data and an audit log.

SAP Business One allows its managers to access real-time insight through advanced analytics, allowing them to make better decisions; sales staff will have the data they need to convert leads and support staff can see every interaction a customer has ever had, results in a better customer experience.

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