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SAP Business One Starter Pack: An Introduction


The technology stacks of SMEs are often limited to spreadsheets or non-integrated business software. This hampers their efficiency and decision-making, leading to millions in lost revenues over the long term. However, SAP Business One, specifically its SAP Business One Starter Package, can help even the smallest of companies achieve great efficiency, visibility, and control through the adoption of next-gen technologies like automation, predictive intelligence, and machine learning. 

Through the SAP Business One Starter Package, SAP offers Business One and its comprehensive sets of tools at a highly affordable price. Moreover, it is designed for quick implementation and rapid time to value, whilst ensuring scalability, flexibility, and customizability across key modules including Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Customer relationship management, Human Resources, and Inventory management. 

In essence, the SAP Business One Starter Package offers enterprise-grade functionality with minimal investment and risk while enabling small companies to react quickly to changes, control costs, and grow predictably.

Functional Areas of SAP Business One Starter Pack

The functional scope of Business One befits the requirements of small companies with business goals that demand going above and beyond standard spreadsheets and accounting software. By integrating critical business functions, Business One eliminates duplication and redundancy and provides a reliable and centralized source of all business information. 

Following are the key functional areas of the SAP Business One Starter Package:

1. Financial Management

SAP Business One Starter Package entails overarching tools to manage and streamline financial operations. It enables small businesses to automate repetitive accounting tasks such as maintaining ledger, accounts receivables and payables, journal entries, and tax calculations. The solution also has the facility to process bank statements and payments, reconcile accounts, track asset value, and track budgets amongst others.

The package allows real-time integration of financial operations with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales to not only improve convenience but also provide better visibility into cash flow.

Additionally, it provides for the creation of standard and customized reports from real-time data c for business planning and audit reviews.

2. Sales and Customer Services

The starter package comes with sales automation and CRM tools to perform activities across the entire sales process. For instance, it can create quotations and enter orders, and track the opportunities from first contact all the way to the close of the sale. 

With its intuitive pre-built reports and dashboards, sales teams can get an exhaustive view of every customer as well as monitor sales performance. It also houses an out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Outlook which offers a convenient way to handle contact details for customers and business partners.

3. Purchasing and Supplier Relations

Through this package, businesses can establish a systematic approach to managing procurement. It offers the facility to manage the complete order-to-pay cycle and automate procurement processes using its Procurement Wizard. With the starter package, enterprises can create purchase orders and receipts, link purchasing documents, view document trails for audit purposes, and manage returns and expenses. 

Furthermore, Integrated reporting tools in Business One can be leveraged to compare suppliers and their prices to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities for cost savings. It also enables small businesses to perform purchase analyses and maintain detailed purchasing information with price lists and tax information.

4. Inventory and Distribution

The starter package has a centralised system of inventory and operations. Enterprises can, therefore, value inventory, monitor stock levels, track transfers across warehouses, and get real-time inventory updates and their availability. 

The SAP Business One Starter Package comes with functionalities to manage inventory using various costing models, maintain SKU master data, and use multiple units of measure and pricing. The starter package also facilitates bin location management and goods receipt and issue control.

5. Employee Records and Timesheets

With its pervasive features, the starter package leaves no stone unturned. It entails a unique premise that enables HR personnel to easily manage extensive employee master data. Master data records can be assigned to various documents across various business functions. The starter package also comes with a function to maintain employee timesheets and record employee activity.

6. Analytics and Reporting

The starter package touts a powerful integrated analytic and reporting facility backed by SAP Crystal Reports. This feature comes handy in creating compelling interactive reports across all business areas by collating financial, sales, customer, inventory, and operational data. 

Powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business One starter package houses exhaustive tools for insight generation and investigating information in real-time. It also has a Google-style enterprise-wide search functionality to locate specific documents and information from the company’s internal knowledge base.

Benefits of the SAP Business One Starter Package

SAP Business One Starter Pack helps reduce the total cost of ownership in addition to providing automated support that continuously monitors the application to alert users about potential issues and recommend immediate corrective action. The solution also comes with ongoing services including automated database backups, pre-upgrade evaluations, and system installation health checks.

The package is a highly scalable solution that can be upgraded with additional functionalities as the small business grows. It touts a rapid time to value requiring minimal maintenance and end-user training.

SAP’s authorized partners also help enterprises in implementation, configuring, and hosting the starter package. They also assist in importing data from legacy applications thus eliminating the possibility of budgetary overruns. SAP also offers a fully-documented rapid deployment approach if companies choose to handle implementation on their own.

Deployable either on-premise or in the cloud, the package can be accessed on any mobile device, and runs on both the SAP HANA® and Microsoft SQL Server platforms, providing enterprises with the flexibility to choose from these prolific platforms as per their goals, budgets, and requirements.


Small companies need a holistic one-stop-shop solution that can address their business needs. SAP Business One Starter Package is a single, out-of-the-box solution to manage the entire business and deliver real-time insights that can boost decision-making and direction. This enables the small companies to improve margins, achieve the agility to respond to market demands faster, and redirect efforts on value-adding tasks seamlessly. 

Hence, it is quite clear why many SMEs are increasingly adopting SAP Business One Starter Package to gain new competitive advantages.

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