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Everything you want to know about contract staffing

Contract Staffing refers to employees hired for a specific period as opposed to permanent employees. Contractual employees hired are paid for the duration of the project.

Post-covid finding the right talent for the job is becoming difficult. Hiring teams are facing issues such as employee crunch with higher attrition. Here is where contractual staffing agencies can help organizations fill employee gaps.

What is Contract Staffing?

Contract Staffing is a recruiting strategy where skilled employees are hired for a particular contract or a project. The terms and agreement are set according to the contractor and are conveyed to the employee well in advance. Ideally, when a third-party agency provides contractual employees to a client and takes care of all the employment formalities starting from onboarding to payroll, this type of recruitment is known as contract staffing.

Some key aspects to know about contract staffing.

Contract Staffing invokes Service Contract:

In contract staffing, a third-party agency and the company enters into a business-to-business agreement. A firm does not hire individuals when it comes to contract staffing.

Requirement based recruitment

Contract Staffing is a contract-based or specific project-based employment. The duration of the term is decided by the client opting for contract staffing. The contract expires as soon as the project finishes or when the period expires.

Contract Staffing a.k.a. Labour-Hire Business

A firm hires an employee leasing company to hire candidates on their payroll for the client. Hence, it is known as the Labour Hire Business agency.

Types of Contract Staffing 

Part-Time Contract:

In a part-time contract, an employee agrees to work for a set number of hours. The employees are paid for the number of hours he has worked.

Fixed Term Contract:

Fixed-term contracts are usually signed for a single project. Once the project is finished the contract is terminated. A Fixed term contract can be renewed for a longer period if required. 

Employees do enjoy benefits like insurance and other employment benefits.

IT Contract Staffing

When it comes to IT Contract Staffing the major aim of the firm is to complete their task. Employees work for the firm but are paid by the staffing agency or by their direct recruiter.

Zero-Hour Contract Staffing

Popularly known as on-call basis job work, the staff hired in this category is called for a specific task and when the task is over, the employees are free to work or look for other opportunities.

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