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Wires & Cables Add-on for SAP Business One

SAP Business one ERP for Cables & wires industry provides effective monitoring and efficient data collection to provide real time information.

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Key Points of Wires & Cables Add-on

Sales Management

  • Sales quotation
  • Sales order inventory management
  • Open order
  • Delivery(dispatch) management
  • Tax Invoice /commercial invoice
  • Open sale order report
  • Sales analysis
  • Customer wise outstanding
  • Order tracking with inventory

Production Management

  • Production planning as per sales order
  • Stage wise WIP (drawing , bunching, twisting ,cutting, crimping)
  • Stage wise QC
  • Barcode for Finished Good
  • Resources planning

Warehouse & Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory by Bin location
  • Sales order wise inventory management
  • Maintain UOM and item price in Local & foreign currency
  • Multiple UOM
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods Issue
  • Efficient management of stock movement
  • Inventory tracking and costing
  • Comprehensive available to promise functionality
  • Stock analysis
  • Generate Q.C. register for items/batches to be analysed

Quality Check

  • Inward QC
  • Stage wise QC
  • Final QC
  • Outward QC

Purchase Management

  • Purchase requisition
  • Online Request for Quotation
  • Purchase quotation
  • Quotation comparison report
  • Purchase order
  • Goods receipt (GRN / MRN)
  • AP invoice
  • Landed cost


  • Balance sheet
  • P & L statement
  • Trail balance
  • Row Material Stock Analysis
  • Finish Goods Stock Analysis
  • Day book
  • GSTR1
  • GSTR2
  • FG costing
  • Stock valuation method report
  • Cash Flow
  • General Ledger
  • Opportunities Forecast Report
  • Opportunities Statistics Report

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