With Customer Relationship Management Systems customers are served better on day to day process and with more reliable information, customer satisfaction level increases with less need to interact with the company for different problems. The central benefits of CRM will be connected hypothetically to three kinds of equity i.e. Relationship, Value and Satisfaction, and in the end to customer equity.

Few key benefits of Akshay CRM are:

  • Enhanced ability to target profitable customers.

  • Integrated assistance across channels

  • Enhanced sales force efficiency and effectiveness

  • Improved pricing

  • Customized products and services

  • Improved customer service efficiency and effectiveness

  • Individualized marketing messages also called campaigns

  • Connect customers and all channels on a single platform

Automated CRM

A fully automated CRM to save your time and energy, with attractive dashboard for boost up planning

Track Target vs Achievements

We support attractive charts to track targets vs Achievements and their history

Sales Tracking

Charts to track sales among product, region and employee

Sales Analytic

Keep up with sales funnel and pipeline with respect to your sales stages

Available on Mobile platform

A CRM that can be accessible from any mobile [*] device so that user can complete different work at his ease, to boost up your sales.

Integrated with all Global ERP platforms

We offer ready to integrate with nearly all global ERP system as well as solely standing solution that fits in your budget

Sales transformation history

We also keep a track of your sales transformation so that, may not miss any opportunity