Wires & Cables

Wires & Cables Add-on

Wire & cable industry sets high standards when it comes to production planning, availability of raw material and Quality Assurance and therefore requires a proper system in order to support these processes especially effective control of the consumption of aluminium or copper alloys, optimisation of resources etc.

SAP Business one ERP for Cables & wires industry provides effective monitoring and efficient data collection to provide real time information.

Add-on for wires & cables industry has been developed by experienced consultant in the wires & cables industry to support unique requirements.

SAP Business One helps you streamline your inventory and production management processes to optimize operational efficiency and productivity. With the software that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, you can manage detailed warehouse data, track and record stock movements, and execute production orders accurately and efficiently

Key points of Wires & Cables Add-on


  • Sales quotation

  • Sales order inventory management

  • Open order

  • Delivery(dispatch) management

  • Tax Invoice /commercial invoice

  • Open sale order report

  • Sales analysis

  • Customer wise outstanding

  • Order tracking with inventory


  • Production planning as per sales order

  • Stage wise WIP (drawing , bunching, twisting ,cutting, crimping)

  • Stage wise QC

  • Bar code for Finished Good

  • Resources planning

Warehouse & inventory Management:

  • Manage inventory by Bin location

  • Sales order wise inventory management

  • Maintain UOM and item price in Local & foreign currency

  • Multiple UOM

  • Goods receipt

  • Goods Issue

  • Efficient management of stock movement

  • Inventory tracking and costing

  • Comprehensive available to promise functionality

  • Stock analysis

  • Generate Q.C. register for items/batches to be analysed

Quality Check:

  • Inward QC

  • Stage wise QC

  • Final QC

  • Outward QC


  • Purchase requisition

  • Online Request for Quotation

  • Purchase quotation

  • Quotation comparison report

  • Purchase order

  • Goods receipt (GRN / MRN)

  • AP invoice

  • Landed cost


  • Balance sheet

  • P & L statement

  • Trail balance

  • Row Material Stock Analysis

  • Finish Goods Stock Analysis

  • Day book

  • GSTR1

  • GSTR2

  • FG costing

  • Stock valuation method report

  • Cash Flow

  • General Ledger

  • Opportunities Forecast Report

  • Opportunities Statistics Report