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An SAP POS Built for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Give your sales staff the point-of-sale (POS) functionality where they need to excel.

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SAP software offers world-class functionality packaged and priced for small and midsize enterprises. Support merchandise sales and returns, daily accounting, discount and voucher management, all forms of payments, loyalty programs, and much more

Easy to Use

Give store associates an easy-to-use POS system that can process payments at stationary registers or handheld tablets.

Real Time Analysis

Analyse data in real-time and generate up-to-the-minute reports for better decision making.

Flexible Integrations

Integrate special offers, discounts, loyalty cards, and mobile apps with your POS systems.

24X7 Access

Access data anytime and anywhere – even if your Internet connection goes down we've got you covered.

Technical Capabilities

SAP Customer Checkout application

Install the application on your cash registers and configure views for sales transactions, cash-in and cash-out amounts, closing balances, much more.

ERP back-end system

Integrate with an ERP back-end system to hold all articles and customer data for accounting. The user can also integrate SAP Customer Checkout with an existing system in SAP Business One.

Optional SAP Customer Checkout Monitor

The monitor integrates with the SAP Business One framework and lets you display and edit receipts, cash transactions, and invoice payments sent from SAP Customer Checkout apps. SAP also give ease to use the monitor for drawer management and the administration of users and roles.

Functional Capabilities

Sales Tracking

Analyse Sales data in real-time from anywhere.

Robust Reporting

Generate reports on single push of a button.

Channel Support

Use multi- and Omni-channel retailing.

SAP Elevation

Extend and adapt the solution flexibly with SAP.

Cost Effective

Low hardware and maintenance cost

Inventory Management

Always stay on top of financial status, stock and order process.

Manage Payments

Multiple payments offers option from cash to gift cards

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