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SAP Business One is an ERP designed and developed specifically for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. It is an affordable, easy-to implement, complete business management solution that ensures company growth, helps increase profitability and control, reduce costs by increasing automation of your business processes and reducing inefficiencies & errors. A complete and customizable software solution, SAP Business One includes all the functions you need to run your growing business from Administration, Accounting, Finance & Banking to Sales & Service, Manufacturing, Inventory & Distribution, Purchasing & Operations, Customer Relationship Management, MIS & Reporting etc.

With fully integrated SAP Business Objects, SAP Business One delivers real-time analytics, business intelligence and mobile access, incorporating the latest technologies. Managers and employees alike can process information more effectively, helping them make sound business decisions. Through one single system, business owners and managers can now get on-demand access to a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute business information across the entire organization through user-friendly dashboards and reports. This helps to respond to customers faster and grow the business more profitably. SAP Business One also offers integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

SAP Business One is offered in 27 languages and 42 localizations and has been implemented in over 50,000 Enterprises across the world, 5,000 of which are in India. Companies that run SAP are 32% more profitable than those that don’t (Stratosphere Inc. Study).

SAP Business One mobile applications for iPhone and android are designed to help you and your sales steams stay connected and informed at all times.You get on-the-go access to relevant modules through an intuitive mobile app.

SAP HANA (High-Performance ANalytic Appliance) is an in-memory database and application platform that allows the processing of high volumes of data in real time.The in-memory computing engine allows HANA to process data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk, which makes many operations 10 – 1,000 times faster than a regular database.This allows the application to provide instantaneous results from customer transactions and data analyses enabling quick decision making.

Experience the power of SAP B1 on the Cloud platform.It helps organizations to minimize their IT setup cost and gain easy access to all the critical business information from anywhere.

SAP Business One Licences are available both for ‘In Premise’ and ‘On Cloud’ platforms.

SAP Business One Key Features

A best-in-class solution at the right price for your growing business, it has the power to help you boost productivity, cut costs, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges as never before…


Benefits Of Using SAP Business One

  • Standardized & Integrated Business Processes across multiple functions through a single system

  • Provides workflow engines enabling flexibility to handle processes and hierarchies

  • Provides real-time Business Intelligence

  • Mobility solutions provide real-time access to data to run businesses from anywhere at any time leading to higher productivity, more business and more profits

  • In-built security features

  • Industry Specific Solutions mean faster implementation and results

  • Improved Compliance

  • Improved Visibility

  • Helps to boost productivity

  • GST module to be offered as part of package

Our Services

  • Configuration, Customization, Implementation and Support.

  • Business Process Oriented Methodology for Rapid Implementation.

  • Large portfolio of ready-made add-ons, dashboards and reports.

  • Customized add-ons with comprehensive solutions for organizations in the Chemical, Engineering, Services, Machine Manufacturing and Rubber Industries.

  • Bespoke development for customized requirements as well for new reports.

  • On-site Hand-holding, on-line support.

  • Integration with e-Commerce websites.


Employee Speak

I have been working at Akshay Software Technologies Ltd full-time last 4 years.
Trust, Team Spirit, Empowerment given to all employees to use their creativity, Lot
of learning opportunities. Freedom to take responsibility and achieve results, good
work culture, satisfying work. Continuous support from Management in every level.
Very good working environment for employees. I am having wonderful and
supportive people around me. The culture and the nature of the company is also

Proud to be associated with Akshay Software Technologies Ltd.

Mukesh Debnath

I have been working at Akshay more than a year now, I have re-joined Akshay after
leaving the company in 2014 that says how well I was treated back then. Working
culture at Akshay is quite good. Team leaders give enough opportunities for the
employees to grow. I enjoy each day at work.

Shashank Rameshwar

I have been part of the company from last three years and best part here is positive
work culture and freedom of speech for employees. All staff members are very
supportive. Main thing is, the company provided me my first overseas opportunity in
my career. I am very happy to be part of this organization. Best Wishes for Akshay
Software Technologies Limited.

Pradeep G. Patil

During my work experience at Akshay Software Technologies Ltd, I am fortunate
enough to have experienced first-hand and learned, many different sides of what
goes into a project, the general process of how a project is initially planned,
developed and completed; as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage.
Akshay software technologies Ltd.  gave me opportunity to do the SAP Business
One Certification. My work experience in the company is positive. I am very happy
with lot of things that I have learnt and experienced in these 3 year’s. I have grown
from SAP Functional Consultant to SAP Delivery Head.

Chandrashekhar Rajarpod

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